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Convenient Mobile Pet Care

Thank-you for your interest in Trooper Pet™ Veterinary Nursing. We are so excited to serve you and your clients! Having us as an extension to your clinic is not only a great way to out-source (rather than expanding in-house) it gives you and your clients more flexibility.

Clients LOVE the convenience, and your practice will LOVE the extra booking space for more urgent appointments. Being fully insured and licensed means you can rest easy knowing your clients are in good hands!

Why Mobile?

Alleviate Fear & Anxiety

After working in the clinic environment for many years, our hearts would break for some patients that would come in for basic appointments, shaking and petrified. There was one patient in particular who would come in for routine injections but was just frozen with fear and could not even get out of the vehicle. I am sure you can think of a few patients like this. So, Becky decided to help this owner by offering her time to go to the client for the next visit.

The experience was so rewarding for the patient, the owner, and the Technician! The dog was MUCH more relaxed at home, not panicked and the experience was anxiety-free for all involved. Thus came the birth of Trooper Pet™ Veterinary Nursing Services.

Offering basic services in home is a great way to alleviate fear and anxiety in your patients and their pet parents. If you do not believe me ask any one of our re-occurring clients! Owners love the experience, and the convenience is a bonus!

Dog getting blood pressure monitored
Dog receiving fluid administration pet service
Our Purpose

Free up Valuable Booking Space

Help us make a difference in Veterinary Medicine! There are many ways we can help your practice! But our main purpose is to increase the efficiency of support staff and hospital revenue as we alleviate patient fear and anxiety. We always serve our clients and our patients in the best way possible. Making mobile Veterinary Nursing available to your clients will alleviate stress, it will free up valuable booking space within your practice, and your clients will thank-you for the ease of in home visits!

Schedule a quick “coffee-break” meeting with us now to learn more! – Yes we will bring the treats!

Frequently Asked Questions

Common Questions About Veterinarian Partnerships

Thank you for your referral! Please contact us at 705-242-5402 or with the nature of the request and we will reach out to your client directly to schedule the appointment. Alternatively you may ask your client to reach out to us directly to schedule an appointment – we will always confirm client appointment requests with your practice directly. After all medical visits your practice will receive (via email) a detailed report with all appointment notes.

Have more questions? Feel free to contact us.

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