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It can be extremely time consuming, stressful and chore like to have to consistently take an unwilling or anxious pet to and from the veterinary clinic, pet store or groomer for routine responsibilities such as nail-trims, ear cleanings, and anal gland expressions. Our experienced team are huge believers in stress-free visits and rebuilding trust with anxious or reactive pets.

We work with your pet at home to rebuild trust when it comes to these routine tasks and have witnessed even the most reactive of patients come to accept these services in a manageable way. There is absolutely no denying the fact that pets are more comfortable, relaxed and patient in their own environment. If you don’t believe us, ask any of our recurring clients or schedule an appointment now to see for yourself!

In-Home Vet Technician cleaning a cats ears

Price List

We service all of Simcoe County and some of Muskoka. Visits are subject to a mileage fee (dependent on location please refer to our Service Map) and typical HST taxation. We accept cash or card payment.

Fear-Free Nail Trims


$30 for one Pet, and $20 each subsequent pet or as a $12 add-on to any other visit. For Dogs, Cats, Bunnies & Pocket Pets.

See nail trim add-on services below

Initial Anal Gland Expressions


Initial Appointment with exam and education

Routine Anal Gland Expressions


Routine follow up appointments

Thorough Ear Cleaning (Flushing)


Or a $20 add-on with another appointment

Gentle Ear Cleaning


*We offer gentle ear cleanings as a $5 add-on with another appointment. We use a medicated, cleansing ear cleaner- this is great for swimmer’s ear prevention. We do not schedule gentle ear cleanings alone. Please see Thorough Ear Cleaning.

Ear or Paw Fur Clean Up


Or $10 add-on with another appointment

Comfort Shave


Spot shaving uncomfortable mats out for cats and dogs (NOT a full shave). Pricing may be adjusted based on length of time.

Ear Plucking Add-On


For pets with infection prone, hairy ears. $25 on it’s own.

Pawdicure Package


Treat them to a “spaw” treatment! Includes a nail trim, paw fur trim and gentle ear cleaning!

*NEW* RVT Surcharge


For 2024, any basic grooming services scheduled specifically with a RVT when a Veterinary Assistant is available in that particular region, this fee will be applied. We have implemented this to help prevent sick or more urgent appointments from having to wait. Thank you for your understanding.

Nail Trim Add-On Services

Add these services when getting your pet a nail trim.

Soft Claw Nail Cap Application


For dogs and cats. Save your furniture, your floors, your walls and even your boat from scratch marks.

$10 add-on with a nail trim. Soft claw kits are available on the TROOPER PET SHOP and your first application is free, additional applications from your own kit are a $5 add on.

Dr. Buzby’s Toe Grip Application


Support your pet’s mobility by increasing their traction on slippery floors.

$15 add on to a nail trim.

The 'Diva' Surcharge


This is for those harder to handle patients that require sedation from the vet or extra time.
Frequently Asked Questions

Common Questions About Grooming Services

This depends on many factors including species, age, and the metabolism of your pet. A good rule of thumb is every 4 weeks for dogs and every 6 weeks for cats and pocket pets. If your pet’s nails are overgrown we recommend doing a nail trim every 2-3 weeks until the quick recedes to an acceptable length.

Our team is huge on Happy Visits and Fear Free Visits! We recognize that there are some pets who may not cooperate the first time meeting us. We give them the benefit of the doubt, we socialize with them and come up with a game plan for you and your pet in order to be able to successfully complete these appointments in the future. This may include medication recommendations and training exercises. Our team of experienced handlers are here to answer all questions and to help you and your pet feel confident and gain trust.

*Appointments that may not be acceptable are subject to our House Call Service Fee to cover staff time and mileage.

We currently do not offer grooming services such as baths, blow dries or hair cuts.

Yes, our staff believe in fear- free visits- meaning, we strive to create a positive/rewarding experience for your pets and our goal is to eliminate fear, anxiety, and stress for both you and your pet(s). We work with you and your pet to accommodate all personality types with the goal of reteaching pets that there is nothing to fear. We cannot guarantee that within the first few appointments the service will be completed however, we can guarantee we will have a successful visit in which we begin the process of bonding with your pet and gaining their trust. We have numerous success stories of “untouchable” pets coming around (check out our testimonials on Google and Facebook)

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