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All pet services offered in the comfort of your own home!

From working as an extension to your regular Veterinarian offering medical services to offering basic grooming services such as in-home nail trims we are offering Simcoe County veterinary services in a “never-before-seen” way! We conveniently travel to our patients rather than them having to go through all the hassle and stress of travelling to us!

Our mission is simple, to reduce the stress and anxiety in our pets. This leads to a healthier pet and a happier human. Whether it’s a visit for a stress-free blood collection or a nail trim, we are here to support and care for your pet with as much love as we have for our own.

Vet Technician doing heart and lung examination
Veterinary Technician collecting blood from dog

Medical Pet Services

Have you received notice from your veterinarian that your pet is due for something? Do you have medical concerns about your pet? Allow us to help.

Mobile Veterinary Technicians trimming dogs nails

Pet Grooming Services

Do you find it very difficult or chore like to complete routine responsibilities such as nail trims and ear cleanings? Our experienced team takes the stress and travel out of these tasks! Learn more here!

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