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Our team is huge on Happy Visits and Fear Free Visits! We recognize that there are some pets who may not cooperate the first time meeting us. We give them the benefit of the doubt, we socialize with them and come up with a game plan for you and your pet in order to be able to successfully complete these appointments in the future. This may include medication recommendations and training exercises. Our team of experienced handlers are here to answer all questions and to help you and your pet feel confident and gain trust.

*Appointments that may not be acceptable are subject to our House Call Service Fee to cover staff time and mileage.

Refer to our services page for a list of current services and their cost. If you do not see what you are looking for, reach out to us directly at 705-242-5402 or

We offer basic grooming services such as nail trims, ear cleanings and can even tidy up the fur around the ears/ paws for you however, we currently do not offer grooming services such as baths, blow dries or hair cuts.

Yes, our staff believe in fear- free visits- meaning, we strive to create a positive/rewarding experience for your pets and our goal is to eliminate fear, anxiety, and stress for both you and your pet(s). We work with you and your pet to accommodate all personality types with the goal of reteaching pets that there is nothing to fear. We cannot guarantee that within the first few appointments the service will be completed however, we can guarantee we will have a successful visit in which we begin the process of bonding with your pet and gaining their trust. We have numerous success stories of “untouchable” pets coming around (check out our testimonials on Google and Facebook)

We are a mobile Veterinary Nursing company that services all of the Simcoe County area.

Please refer to our Serviced Area Map for more information.

We do ask that you are comfortable holding your pet as only one service provider is scheduled for the appointment. We do have some tips and tricks to show you and help you manage and hold them if you are worried. We do not typically travel with two technicians but a request for two people to come will be considered.


No, prescription medications will need to be prescribed from your regular veterinarian.

Depending on what treatment or appointment your regular veterinarian has requested we may be able to work as an extension to them in order to complete it in the comfort of your pet’s own home. Please have yourself or your regular vet reach out to us directly to discuss at 705-242-5402 or

Most likely yes, we work as an extension to dozens of regular veterinarians in the Simcoe County Region and have been helping those who live in Simcoe County but have regular vets in the city or far away. If it is a veterinary practice we have not directly worked with before we have no problem reaching out and collaborating with them now on your behalf. Contact us to arrange this at 705-242-5402 or

Typically you will be scheduled with one Registered Veterinary Technician so we do ask for you to be comfortable holding/ handling your pet. We do have some tips and tricks to make the job easier for you if you are worried. A request for two people to come will be considered and there are certain services that may automatically require a vet tech and a vet assistant to be present.

We work very closely with regular veterinarians to provide the best care possible to your pet(s), so we do require a licensed veterinarian to interpret your pet(s) diagnostic results. If you do not have a regular veterinarian we work with over twenty veterinarians in Simcoe County and would be happy to set you up with one of them.


This depends on many factors including species, age, and the metabolism of your pet. A good rule of thumb is every 4 weeks for dogs and every 6 weeks for cats and pocket pets. If your pet’s nails are overgrown we recommend doing a nail trim every 2-3 weeks until the quick recedes to an acceptable length.

We currently do not offer grooming services such as baths, blow dries or hair cuts.


Thank you for your referral! Please contact us at 705-242-5402 or with the nature of the request and we will reach out to your client directly to schedule the appointment. Alternatively you may ask your client to reach out to us directly to schedule an appointment – we will always confirm client appointment requests with your practice directly. After all medical visits your practice will receive (via email) a detailed report with all appointment notes.

Thank you for your interest and we are excited to chat! Please contact us at 705-242-5402 or with your contact information and one of our team members will set up either a virtual or in person “coffee chat” with RVT and founder Becky.

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