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The Why

More than a Vet Service

Being a Registered Veterinary Technician or Veterinary Professional and being involved in the medicine that benefits the overall health and quality of life of our pets has always been and will always be our main focus; but we want to play a larger roll!

In human and animal medicine there has always been an interest in rehabilitation and palliative support and so Becky began researching those areas. When she came across the idea of canine massage, she was a bit skeptical but continued to research and ask questions.

When she had a better understanding of the matter, she began to pick the brains of other technicians and veterinarians who practice the specialty. Soon after she enrolled in the Canine Massage Therapy Course through the Canadian College of Massage and graduated with her Certification in Canine Massage. Trooper Pet Services now offers comprehensive Home Exercise Plans that incorporate Nutrition, Supplements, Massage and Exercises individually catered to your pet!

Cat receiving professional nursing exam
Bunny eating grass
The What

Convenient Mobile Pet Services

We conveniently travel to our patients rather than having them go through the hassle and stress of travelling to us at an animal hospital. We work alongside veterinarians and support teams to ensure we are providing the best care possible for your pet! From Canine Massage, to in-home nail trims and everything in between we offer Veterinary Nursing services in a “never-before-seen” way!

Reducing the stress and anxiety in our pets leads to a healthier pet and a happier human. Whether it’s a visit for a stress-free blood collection or nail trim, we are here to support and care for your pet with as much love as we have for our own. Trooper Pet promises to continue learning and expanding with your pet’s best interests at hand!

The Who

Meet Our Veterinary Nursing Team

Rebecca Bartley Mobile Veterinary Technician in Barrie with dog

Rebecca Bartley, CEO, RVT, CCMT

Becky, a dedicated Veterinary Technician with a career spanning back to 2012, is a well-known animal enthusiast and an advocate for the welfare of animals. Her unwavering passion for animal care is evident to anyone who has had the pleasure of meeting her.

In 2016, Becky founded Trooper Pet™ Veterinary Nursing, driven by her conviction that there had to be a superior approach to pet care. While working in various clinics and hospitals, she quickly recognized that many pets experienced fear and anxiety, making the entire veterinary experience negative for all parties involved. In response, she introduced in-home services, which yielded significantly better responses from pets and their owners, resulting in a more rewarding experience for everyone.

Becky boasts a strong background in Veterinary Nutrition and holds certification as a Canine Massage Therapist. Her expertise extends to working with senior and arthritic pets, as well as post-orthopedic patients. Beyond her professional accomplishments, you’ll often find her actively engaged in the community, networking, and generously giving back, all while accompanied by her spirited Border Collie companion, “Cooper.”

Naomi Callan

Veterinary Assistant, Animal Biology BcS.

Naomi has always been an extreme animal lover since she can remember, always having dogs, cats and amphibians in her life leading her to get her degree in Animal Biology. From a young age she knew that her bond with animals went beyond friendship & that she wanted to pursue the scientific and medical fields of all animals.
After working in animal clinics, the OSPCA and other shelters, Naomi joined the Trooper Pet Team to help spread the awareness of adequate animal care and treatment all over Simcoe County.
She strives to advocate and improve animal welfare and pet-parent relationships alike by making in-house appointments both educational and enjoyable.
In her free time you can find Naomi tending to her indoor and outdoor plants, snuggling with her two feline friends Moth & Delilah, painting and also taking care of her gigantic 1lb pacman frog and aquarium.

Melanie Phillips

Certified Veterinary Assistant, Veterinary Technician Student

Growing up Melanie was a huge animal lover, she has always had dogs and cats. It actually took her a while to figure out where she wanted to go with her career but she knew she wanted to be within the animal field. She went to Georgian College in Orillia for Veterinary Assisting and she explains it as being the ``greatest decision I've ever made! The experience I got has helped me tremendously grow as a person and in my career.`` While she loves working with animals, she really enjoys dealing with pet parents and educating them on things they may not know about or may be curious about. When she saw the job posting for Trooper Pet she knew it was the job for her - an opportunity to be able to see animals in their happy places and to see all the lovely pet parents with whom she can tell care tremendously about their fur babies. Welcome to the team Trooper Pet Melanie!

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